Breakfast and Brunch

I have to admit “I’m a Brunch Girl”, and “as a must” I go for a brunch once or maybe twice/month.

Now one of my favorites ever forever place to have a yummy delicious Brunch is “Breakfast and Brunch” located in Salmiya near Marina Mall.

A cozy small place you maybe find some difficulties to locating it (I did) but you can always call them to guide you as they open from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.

If you are planning to come to Kuwait or if you are living here you must drop them a visit one day and enjoy your life with eating.





Oh YES 😉



The One and Only “Turkey Benedicts” ❤


Creamy Potatoes and Mushroom


Nutella French Toast *faint*


Nutella Crepe *big noisy faint*




Blueberry Pancake with M cheese “HAEVEN”


Ofcourse I didn’t have all this food in one day ;p I drop them a visit constantly and this is what I like to order the most.




When Death is the Only Solution!

when silence is your language!

when you’re out of question why I reached this level in my life !

when you’re humilated because of what you feel!

when you have every thing but that one thing causing you pain and sadness !

when you’re trying to convince yourself that *the source of your sadness* is not the end of your life!

when you’re God is leaving you without answers!

when you’re mother is pushing you to talk and relieve all the negative things and let it go out of your system but you feel that sadness that making you don’t feel to see/talk to no body even your own family!

when you feel that your family is one of the reasons of your sadness!

when you want to stay more at work and be active just to forget that you are sad!

when you feel there is something heavy on your chest just when you arrive home!

when you think that death is the only solution!

God I need a serious strong push 😦